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Important Information for
Medicaid Clients

At this time, ketamine infusions are generally not covered under Wisconsin Medicaid. If you have Major Depressive Disorder/Treatment-Resistant Depression with Suicidal Ideation and have tried multiple medications, there is a possibility that ketamine infusions could be covered at a Medicaid enrolled ketamine provider. These decisions are made on an individual, case-by-case basis depending on a number of factors.

Your Medicaid-enrolled ketamine provider clinic should have the information to reach out to their representative at Medicaid for any questions. We do not know which clinics accept Medicaid, so you should check with the clinics in your area.

There is much happening in this space, however. We have been actively advocating for coverage of ketamine infusions under Wisconsin Medicaid, and expect some announcement in early 2024 from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Medicaid Coverage of Ketamine Infusions
by State/Jurisdiction


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