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Updated information on State Medicaid and Ketamine Coverage

We have an ongoing survey of all state and District of Columbia Medicaid Directors in an attempt to learn where Medicaid covers ketamine infusions and where it does not.

Some states have responded, but most have not. The map below shows what we know so far, either from the Medicaid Directors themselves, or else from our own research. Note that both Wisconsin and Massachusetts are purple, idicating that they are currently studying how best to provide Medicaid coverage. We expect those states to turn green in the coming months!

If you live in a state that has not responded to our survey, we would appreciate any help from in-state residents or providers in encouraging your Medicaid Director to respond, even if it is that they do not provide coverage. You can reach out to us at and we can provide the name and contact information for your state's Medicaid Director.

This is an important project that will be useful in two ways: 1) Advocating with those states that do NOT offer coverage and showing them the number of states that do; and 2) Strengthening our application for nationwide coverage by Medicare.

Also and as always,donations are needed! If you can help, even a little, please click the Donate button on our site, or you can mail a check to TAFI at P.O. Box 136 Mount Horeb, WI 53572. Donor funds are not used to support our advocacy, but, rather, go directly to providing financial assistance to economically-disadvantaged persons with suicidal ideation to help them pay for ketamine infusions. Our Board will consider requests to designate certain donations for advocacy work or for engaging with a professional fund raiser to help us build a more stable financial footing. Your donations help save lives!

Thanks so much for reading and for supporting our mission!

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